OJ is three years old, weighs twenty pounds but not over weight, has long silky hair, golden eyes, and makes me laugh every day.  I call him my COG – a cat that thinks he’s a dog.  The most unusual cat I have ever had the pleasure to know.  He acts so different from my other five cats, or any other one I have ever had.

OJ was found living under one of the sheds on my property.  Probably had not been there long.  He appeared to be about four months old, very thin, ill, and had two large open wounds on his head and neck.  Looked like he had been mauled by a tom cat.  OJ was very frightened but, after a couple of days he allowed me to pick him up.

After a trip to the vet, his wounds required daily cleaning, medicating, and bandaging.  Of course this treatment required long periods in my lap, and included cuddling and snuggling.  OJ must have decided I was his mother because to this day he does not much like to be away from me.

If I go to another room he follows.  If I left an area without his notice he will meow, like he is calling me.  When I speak to him he comes running to where I am.  If I’m sitting down and pat my lap, he leaps up and goes to sleep.

If I go outside to work I say, “come on, let’s go to the garden”.  OJ jumps up and runs outside.  While I’m working in the flower beds he wanders off somewhere on the property.  But, when I call he comes running fast, like a dog will.

If he has been naughty I point and tell him to go to his bed.  He does.  Often turning his back on me like I’m the one being punished instead of him.

When I get ready to leave home he is shown my car keys, then he goes and lays in his bed.  He seems to know I will be gone, and apparently that is ok.  As soon as I come home he runs to greet me, meowing all the while until I speak to him.

One of the other five cats, Nick, is a five-year old male. He and OJ cannot be in the same area together.  Both have been neutered but, still they are territorial males and want to be dominant.  They must be kept separated. Unfortunately, OJ makes four of Nick and, the rare times they accidentally got together poor little Nick always got the short end of the stick.

At night OJ sleeps in his own private, heated shed.  He gets his dinner in the shed, has his pick of several beds, water, and a litter box.  About five o’clock each night he comes and seems to tell me it’s time for his dinner and bed.  If ignored he keep meowing and running to the door, as if to say, “come on, I’m hungry, want to eat and go to bed.”  He seems to require the “alone” time.  This winter, a few nights when the temperatures dropped below 10 degrees the shed heater couldn’t maintain the heat.  OJ slept in the house, but wasn’t happy, was very restless, and wanted to go to “his shed”.

OJ is a very entertaining cat.  He is a joy to be with every day and I look forward to what ever un-cat like action he does next.






About gardenscatsandmore

My passion is gardening, but I'm not a fanatic. Also am heavy into genealogy - but that's another blog. Have six cats, each wandered in and decided to stay. Two, brother and sister, are age 21.They are all great helpers in the garden, leaving me little presents now and then. I'm so happy to receive and pass tips on to others re gardening or whatever.

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