Today took a walk around my yard looking at the sad flower beds.  Spike helped by digging holes.  Guess he was checking to see if the soil was ready to work.  Not yet – too soggy.

DSCF0094  Spike is age 21, somewhat healthy, energetic, very regal and definitely the patriarch of my brood of six cats.

I’m anxious for March when a few warm days will arrive in our area.  Then leaf mulch will be removed from flower beds, soil turned, compost added with a very light sprinkling of organic fertilizer, and plants moved as desired.  This year that means removing and discarding old, worn out plants.  Particularly those that were neglected and died over the last few years.  After this activity the beds will percolate for a few more weeks, waiting for Spring.

The roses currently in the yard will be pulled and many discarded.  A few, with proper pruning, may be saved.  I love roses.  I love their colors, perfume, and particularly the climbing varieties.  Unfortunately in our humid summer temperatures black spot is a problem.  In the past I have tried a number of treatments but none were really successful.  The plants, always beautiful in late Spring, look so sad later with only a few flowers and stripped of all the leaves. Still, I will keep trying with new plants.

Today I noted hundreds of daffodils have poked their heads above ground.  A few even have tiny flower buds.  And, there is one lone crocus in full bloom.  What a delight!  Other plants are preparing to awaken, even though several more weeks of frost and/or snow are expected.

The tiny leaf tips of Day lillies appear in great numbers in many beds and the many Iris are putting forth new leaves.  The Heucherrlla, which were visable all winter, are beginning to look more perky.  The tiny round nubbins of sedum look so cute against the dark earth.  Even the Clematis shows sign of life.  Leaf buds poking out between last season’s dried stalks.  I didn’t dig Dahlia tubers the last few years and sadly, they all appear to have frozen.  I hope the Cannas fared better.

Well, my mood is so much uplifted after the garden walk.  All of the signs of new growth in the garden give me a feeling of joy and anticipation for the season ahead.  I have an overwhelming sense of hope!

That is all for now.  Take care, enjoy life, and have some fun!




About gardenscatsandmore

My passion is gardening, but I'm not a fanatic. Also am heavy into genealogy - but that's another blog. Have six cats, each wandered in and decided to stay. Two, brother and sister, are age 21.They are all great helpers in the garden, leaving me little presents now and then. I'm so happy to receive and pass tips on to others re gardening or whatever.

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