Have been away quite a while dealing with medical issues, the death of my husband, and other personal challenges.  I sincerely apologize to everyone who sent comments to me.  I was remiss in acknowledging or thanking you for your ideas, suggestions, etc. and for that I am sorry.  Hope to do better in the future.

Looking forward to Spring and the joy of gardening.  The first major project will be to dig up the old bulbs, perennials, small shrubs and just about everything else.  The flower beds were neglected the last couple of years and must be totally refurbished.

The vegetable garden is also a ruin.  It will mostly be eliminated, leaving one small area for a couple tomato plants and a few new herbs.  Thinking of planting roses, although have had little luck with them in the past.

All this digging sounds like hard work, but good exercise.  Ouch!  That is ok.  I’m good for about two hours work each day.  At that rate, everything should be done by autumn.

By the way, anyone know of someone, some organization, or school that could use gardening books?  I have many more than needed – like 100 +!  Since I started gardening (about 40 years ago) I collected as many books as I could afford.  Now that my gardening days are winding down it would be great to donate the books to interested folks who would appreciate them and put them to use.  The books cover all gardening subjects – greenhouses, propagating plants, plant diseases, perennials, bulbs, annuals, shrubs – you name it, there is sure to be at least one book on the subject.  Some of the volumes could be collector finds, they are that old.  Happy to pass them on.

The second project for this year will be to replace steps to the back deck.  My husband purchased the boards before he died.  Just have to remove the old steps, cut the new boards to size and screw them down.  How hard can that be?  Piece of cake, right?  Hey, how do you turn on an electric saw?  Do they have a button, switch, what?  Just kidding! It will all work out.

That is all for this day.  Be sure to check out my new blog, Cherries and Lemons: The World Today.  One subject will be genealogy.  I have 25 years experience in genealogical research and the author of three family history books.  Perhaps I can answer questions you may have about tracking your ancestors.

Take care, enjoy life, and have some fun!



About gardenscatsandmore

My passion is gardening, but I'm not a fanatic. Also am heavy into genealogy - but that's another blog. Have six cats, each wandered in and decided to stay. Two, brother and sister, are age 21.They are all great helpers in the garden, leaving me little presents now and then. I'm so happy to receive and pass tips on to others re gardening or whatever.

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