First You Need Water…Emergency Preparedness

First You Need Water...Emergency Preparedness

This photo is of the Midwest flood of 2010. A lot of water but none to drink.

Now is the time to get a supply of drinkable water set aside for an emergency. A 5 gallon carboy costs about $6.00 in many supermarkets. When the carboy is returned a refill is about $4.00. If 5 gallons is too heavy, the carboys also come in 2 1/5 gallon size which is easier to carry if you have to leave your home.

A 5 gallon container will provide drinking water and water to cook with for three people for about one week. A family with children would need two 5 gallon carboys for about 1 week.

Storage is easy. In a closet, behind the couch or some corner out of the way.

Water for flushing toilets is easy and free. You will need two or three clean five gallon buckets with lids. Set them outside and let the rain fill the buckets. Once filled, place the lids on the buckets and tuck them someplace out of the way, inside the house or outside. By placing lids on these buckets ensures no dirt will get in the water and it can also be used to wash hands and face.

People can get by without food for a few days. They cannot get by very long without water to drink. In a natural disaster, or just an extended power outage, water may not be available for several days.

Plan now to ensure your survival tomorrow!



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